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Bukola Bakinson – Writer & Director

Bukola Bakinson wrote her first screenplay called ‘Silver’ in 2009, and her second called ‘Don’t Judge Me’ in 2011, both productions were showcased at Soho Theatre. She then went on to produce a feature film that she wrote and directed called ‘Heads or Tails’, which was screened at the Brixton Ritzy in 2015, and a short film called ‘Where is my Joy’ which was selected to screen at the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF), also in 2015.

These ventures in film encouraged Bukola to set up Becoming Productions, inspired by Aristotle’s definition of becoming, being ‘any change involving realisation of potentialities, as a movement from the lower level of potentiality to the higher level of actuality’.

Bukola’s latest work was her input as a script editor assistant on the first season of ‘Bulletproof’ commissioned by Sky One and aired in 2017. With a background in youth work, poetry and spoken word, Bukola was quickly swept away by narrative in film, and after her first two films she began attending directing courses and writing classes. Her love for working in the community came side-by-side with her love for writing and film, with community work riding shotgun.

“It started with words and a motive. Immaculate grammar is not my expertise, I just like to play with words, trigger emotions, build thought…” – Bukola Bakinson.

Bukola has a versatile way of telling stories and the productions she made in her early days in film were mostly experimental, and even then she exceeded her expectations of what she could achieve.

Along with the force behind Becoming Productions, Bukola is ready to shake up the status quo.  


Directorial showreel and films

Heads or Tails
Feature Film

A story about a group of friends in an inner-city community, phased with choices, chances and obligations. With every conflict that arises, they flip the coin and make a bet towards a solution.

Productions Films

Joy is forced to live a life imposed on her with the false promise of a brighter future in a place she never feels at home.


Heads or Tails

With every problem they search for solutions and let the end justify the means by the flip of a coin…. let the story commence.

Kids Company

This short film was produced in October 2014 for Kids Company’s Gala Dinner.


I often watch the news and I always hesitate in believing and doubt the information it provides, even more so with the mighty tool of propaganda it has recently used to slander and degrade Kids Company’s CEO, Camila Batmanghelidjh and the operations within the charity.